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 You are welcome to Holy Trinity Cathedrial Senior High School. The School with a touch of EXCELLENCE in Quality Education.

We would like to thank you for visiting our website. We have a mission of producing confident, able and responsible citizens and future leaders.Whoever you are, as a stakeholder, we hope youwill find this website interesting and it will provide you with most of the information you seek about the school. Watch this space for more information, upcoming events and notices. You may also visit our needs’ page to see what you could donate to the school. Thanks for your support over the years.

Academic Notices

Ghanaians in the United States: 2,863 Ghanaians are enrolled in over 600 U.S. institutions in all 50 states. Their influence is significant: each year, newly enrolling Ghanaian students are awarded over $5 million in financial assistance for study in the United States.

Activities and Clubs and Learning Games

There are a good number of learning games located at the Resouces Learning Center (LRC). These games can be useful for warming up the brain for any academic exercise for both teaching staff and learning students.Among the categories include:

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